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•  Womens' bodies are uniquely and exquisitely designed to conceive, grow, nurture and give birth to babies. The design is so perfect it has never been modified.

•  Birth is as natural as breathing, sleeping, laughing, eating etc. It is not a medical condition.

•  Labouring women should be treated with great respect and care should be taken not to interfere with the instinctive process that is happening between the mother, her body and her baby at this time.

•  Being present at a birth means creating a 'safe space' for the woman and her partner and being intuitive and mindful as to what is needed or not needed at any given time - sometimes just 'being' there is all that is required.

• Home birth is safe birth for healthy women but I also believe that where a woman feels safe then that will be the best place for her to give birth whether at home or in hospital.

•  Babies need to be born gently into loving hands with lights turned low, quiet voices and be given time to adjust to life outside the womb before being weighed, measured and handled by too many people other than the parents.

•  Breastfeeding is bestfeeding . Not only is it the best sustenance for your baby but it also creates a wonderful, close bond between mother and child. After being in the womb for nine months all babies want is to feel close to their mother; to have skin contact and feel loved; to hear her heartbeat and feel reassured.

•  Giving birth is a journey of self discovery when women discover strengths and resources in themselves and their bodies they had no idea were there. It's an important lesson in trusting their bodies.



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